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Power Within Healing Centre beliefs cover a wide spectrum of philosophy, religion, metaphysics and spiritual sciences.

 One of our key concepts is about spiritual energy, and healing.  Spiritual energy (Universal Life Force energy, Qi or Prana etc.) is no less real than electricity and operates according to natural laws. It can help to heal, inspire, guide, bless and protect whoever it is directed to.


We all can learn to invoke and transmit this light energy as it is within us, innate in us to heal and help ourselves, and to help others including animals and the world as a whole.  When we correctly navigating our own personal journey through experiences, being aware of what and why happens to us for our greater soul purpose, we evolve and become increasingly aware of our Divine nature. As a result we gain greater enlightenment, and also greater spiritual powers, which can be used in selfless service to ourselves and others.


March 2020: As we are writing these few lines  to help come united for a greater good, there is a lot of insecurities in the World these days; but in our line of work, both Andrea and I believe that we can expect to witness a most unusual magical display of events in the near future, if we just stand together united for Humanity, for all of us, for our Nature, for our Earth, by raising our own vibration and helping others do the same.

Prayer has powerful effects as well as meditations and our intention to change the World, Our World, for a better one as

Magnificent Beings of Light are helping as well, but we all need to do our own work, from within us and the Planet.

We do this by placing much of our attention on the Cosmic Light Energy (or whatever you wish to call it), and we strengthen it in our own selves in our heart and then we send it out to the world, shining in every corner of the Globe, many times a day as best as we can.

Ground yourself and keep your vibration high, don’t allow the negativity in.

The Light is all powerful – do this now! Thank you.

At the bottom of this page, there is a short meditation if you wish to use it.

We are currently taking a sabbatical. Please check back for updates later.



Services we offer:


Spiritual & Psychic Counselling

Akashic Records Reading (Book of Life)

Psychic Tarot Readings

Between Lives Regression 

Transpersonal Therapies

Energy Healing

Energy Scanning, Cord Cutting 

Chakra Balancing

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Matrix Reimprinting

Intrusive Energy Release Work and Energy Space Clearance

~See John or Andrea's pages for details~

Finding your inner wisdom and guidance.


Often, we need to learn the expressions of our emotions as they have been suppressed, leaving us with blockages in our lives from our past, recent or distant. Through our safe and trusting environment we will help you to tune in to yourself and how you feel, removing these energy impasses whether it be traumas or helping with grieving for a lost loved one.  You will then find that you develop an awareness of your own inner guidance system, which can become your own reliable resource. Clients who have already experienced such inner wisdom and guidance found a more fulfilling and loving life by knowing that they are never truly alone. 

Let us help you heal, as we all have this innate ability to do so.  Heal with your mind.                                    


Enjoy the short meditation © (all Copyright), hope you find it useful. Please, do not use machinery or drive while listening to this.