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Andrea E. Dolgos Shurvell Ph.D (Metaphysics) 

B.Sc. Spiritual Counselling (USA Religious Degree)
Spiritual Minister (USA)
Spiritual Counselling (UK) 
Professional Hypnotherapist (UK)
Advanced Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (UK)
Regression & Past Life Therapist Diplomas (UK)
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist (UK)
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (UK)
Psychic Counselling (Canada & UK)
Intuitive, Medium, Tarot Reader (Canada, UK & Europe)

Akashic Records (UK, Europe)


My Personal Journey


Since I was a child I have experienced other dimensions: hearing, seeing, sensing and feeling along with an inner knowing. I entered altered states and past-life regressions spontaneously. I heard voices off in the distance and felt different energies around people, felt their intentions towards me and their basic personalities. I've had prophetic and precognitive dreams and premonitions.


I was drawn to nature, and to anything spiritual or mystical, seeking out others who had the same kinds of interests and episodes. As I stepped on the path, I gradually always found what I needed to learn or study when I was ready for them, so I became more and more interested in the studies of mystical dimensions and traditions. To this day my learning process continues; as there is no spiritual state of arrival, a point when the journey ends…at least not on this physical plane.

I work with all these and other remarkable teachings and dimensions, incorporating them into my spiritual counseling, trans-personal hypnotherapy, regression and intuitive work.
My original profession & diploma (from former Eastern-Europe) is in Nursing.

My passion is to awaken and guide those who are burdened with problems to see the "pearl in their oyster" from a spiritual perspective and will work with those who are prepared to open up to releasing old attitudes and ways of being that no longer serve them, and who are willing to take steps in finding a new direction and meaning in their life by reconnecting with the richness and true power of their Spirit.  
The result is self-empowerment and a joy-filled life.