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"People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."  ~Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy


Transpersonal Therapy:
This Transpersonal Therapy Session has wide range and deep level of transformative effects and essence.

This Therapy may include one or more of the followings: Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy (Current Life, Past Life, Inner Child Healing), Ancestral Healing, Energy Work, Future Progression and Between Lives Insights

all in the Akashic Field, Spirit Release /Energy work and Advanced Energy work i.e. DNA re-wiring etc.

Initial session  $ 275 - via Skype.

Depending on the challenge of the particular issue and the progress of the individual, if more sessions are advised after the full therapy session, we have a special of block bookings of:

3 sessions for $ 550 or
4 sessions  for $ 750  or
6 sessions  for $ 1,100  or
Individual bookings are $ 200

Over the years we found that in most cases a 3-session program is a good start but, for more complex issues, 6-session program is advised. It is  important to committing fully to the sessions once commenced to achieve long-lasting results. There are cases, however, when one session is all you need to achieve your goal and see results.

Spiritual & Psychic Counselling, Tarot & Oracle Card Reading
 $ 80 

Ancestral Healing

 $ 120

Akashic Records Reading (Book of Life)

  Introduction Reading about the Soul from the Field        $ 80

 A deeper look at the Soul, issues and Advice      $ 150 

Voice recorded readings also available for Akashic Readings, as these can be done remotely, from
anywhere in the world.


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