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I use a number of techniques and or combination of these that operate on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels; they will give you the resources to choose how to react and deal with situations, empowering you with tools that are your own.


We find the technique that is best for you and gives you the most effective results to present time issues that affect you.

We may work through issues and traumas via Regression Therapy (Regression Therapy may encompass Past Life, Current Life, Between Lives and Inner Child Healing); EFT and Matrix Reimprinting; Past Life Regression to go back to earlier memories; Ancestral healing; Spirit Release and Energy work; Goal orientated Progression for future when possible and needed; Advanced Energy work i.e. Holographic Healing, DNA re-wiring etc. This work of combination techniques I refer to as Transpersonal Therapy, however, I also offer individual sessions via Skype i.e. Ancestral healing etc.

As an informative tool for you I offer Akashic Reading, known as reading from your Book of Life, of Soul; and for a more 

general look into your life, Divination and Tarot cards can be used to give clarity and shed more light on hidden issues that might be effecting current situations.  

One not need to believe in reincarnation or past lives, even the Transpersonal aspect of the methods we use to be receiving the benefits of the sessions, therapies and energy healing.

I work with a number of issues, here, to name a few but not limiting:

Weight management,  addictions, phobias, habits, fear, lack of purpose, lack of self-worth, self-sabotage, self-esteem issues, blame, victim mentality, martyrdom, stress, depression, emotional health, physical health, financial issues, grief and loss, fear of death, romantic and family relationships, karmic issues, infertility, and recurring dreams.

Business growth and management,talents and skills enhancement, goal setting and manifesting,
personal growth and spiritual unfoldment on entry, medium and advanced levels.


 Akashic Reading and Divination/Psychic Reading are also available via Skype or voice recording.

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Transpersonal Therapy:
 This may include one or more of the followings: Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy (Current Life, Past Life, Inner Child Healing), Ancestral Healing, Future Progression and Between Lives Insights, Spirit Release, Advanced Energy Work.

We are working in the Quantum Field of possibilities with High Vibrational Energies, Hologram and Blueprints and your Inner Self to bring about lasting changes,  where the brain and its logic no longer works.


Akashic Records Reading 

Ancestral Healing

Between Lives Regression

Psychic Counselling , Oracle Divination, Tarot Reading



All our services including Spiritual Counselling are about empowering your life. Helping to make the way forward clearer and put your destiny firmly back in your own hands.

Both of our work, individually as well as together, is client based, driven by what you, as the client need; therefore each session, each case will be personalized, tailor made to what is best for you. I am fully qualified and trained.


Our approach is client centered and transpersonal, in other words, soul based. By being fully present for you as the client, and attentive to your individual needs, we offer you the space to fully explore what your soul longs for in order to transform and heal.
Forgiving the Self and accepting the Self is the foundation of well-being. By offering you an accepting and non-judgmental environment you are given the opportunity to find your own voice, your own wisdom and guidance and ways of following it.


We offer you our considerable knowledge and experience from life to help you in finding who you really are and meant to be in this life.  

Andrea with Lorna Byrne and Diana Cooper

Andrea with Lorna Byrne
Andrea with Diana Cooper