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Andrea has helped me immensely to gain strength and wisdom, providing the tools to get through some tough issues. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge and lovingly guides the client to find what’s needed for their highest benefit. Only through her facilitation could I have ever cleared some ancestral blockages in order to free myself to move on.  - Deb. BC



I’ve never worked with anyone so effective as Andrea on my traumatic issues and understanding my life and path. I’ve done lots of past and current life regressions with other therapists, and never felt so safe and supported as I did with Andrea. She was not just guiding me through a script and listening to what I said, but she was there with me using her powerful psychic gifts to steer me where I need to go to guide me through resolving the issues most needed, and she would know if something was left undone or needed more exploring. The results of working with Andrea are nothing less than astonishing compared to other therapies and treatments, and what she does is truly unique. If you are ready to let go of past issues, move on, and become your best self, then I cannot recommend any therapist higher.


To illustrate this, I will tell the tale of my older brother. It’s easy to say that my older brother and I didn’t get along from birth. It always seemed like he had it out for me, and as I grew up, three years his junior, he made me feel that pain in every way. This animosity between us never really faded even into adulthood, and he became the only person that could get me to go from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds flat. I have worked my entire adult life to resolve the issues with my older brother, but I could never seem to shake it. It disrupted the overall family, and getting together was always a test of patience and will. I had gotten myself, through traditional means, to the point where he didn’t really make me angry anymore, but I was sure that I didn’t like him and never did. I was okay with that and was prepared to leave it there until I began to work with Andrea.

Our first session together, Andrea, through an Akashic reading, was able to pinpoint my older brother as a huge issue in my life causing more disruption than I knew. In three hours of working with her I was able to dissolve the entire negative energetic structure around my brother in a way that I would have never been able to do on my own, and I believe, with any other therapist. The negative or neutral feelings about my older brother have been replaced with holding him in a positive regard. When I look back on how I used to feel, I understand it because I remember, but I cannot identify with those feelings anymore. It was like going from a 0 to a +7 when I didn’t even think it was possible in the first place.

Now my brother and I are becoming good friends where the past does not hold either of us in the chains of resentment or pain. We are free to now create whatever relationship we want, and that is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.  -Kevin C. USA


In 2012, on my 7-year-old daughter’s scalp a yellowish skin plaque deposit appeared leaving a scar the size of coin in its place that could be removed only with the hair. This yellowish deposit stubbornly spilled over the affected area again and again. For years, long daily treatment at home was required to remove this so that it doesn’t permanently plaque and not to leave bald area on the scalp. The next two years on her forehead also appeared a vertical discoloration on the skin as well.

​2014. The linear scleroderma, an autoimmune disease, was diagnosed in the hospital by a chief doctor of children’s dermatology. 

2015. A steroid drug treatment was decided for her, which we wanted more than anything to avoid.

We went the weekend before the hospitalization for a two day therapy treatments to Andrea. She managed to let go of the disease the first time with our daughter, and the second therapy confirmed this and reinforced the positive changes. During the hospital examination 2 days later, the autoimmune panel came back negative. It showed no more activity on the surface in the affected area; and therefore waived the steroid medicine setting.

The yellow deposits completely eliminated, and the reddish scar on top of her head faded. The stripe on the forehead faded as well. 

The one-year test control proclaimed in 2016: "The autoimmune process seems to be gone completely." We cannot express how grateful we are for the healing of our daughter! We sincerely thank you!  -

Cynthia, Europe



Dear Andi!

Thank you for my lovely new nails, my hands are much nicer like this now!

I couldn’t have done it without your help!

Love: Hanna

My 9-year-old daughter was chewing her nails for three years. It took only a few therapeutic treatments to find the root of the problem and resolve this bad habit. The change was evident, not only for my daughter's hand, but her behavior changed to a positive direction. She has become increasingly self-confident and stands up for herself. Her fingernails grew back within 2-3 months.

In Andrea we found a patient, all heart, very intelligent and also a professional specialist. We are grateful for your help!


I had the pleasure to have a Between life session with Andrea. That was a fantastic session. Andrea showed me her experience as a therapist of several disciplines because she help me before the session to be better prepared for the season with several advice and some work she did to release obstacles like fear so that I can do it. During the session she made me feel so secure during the all process and the results we had were beautiful to me. To have a between life session was something important to me, and having Andrea guiding  me during the session was the best thing could happen. I really thank her for her commitment and professionalism.

(My English writing and composition is not very good).
Ricardo, Mexico City


Dear Andrea,

You have managed to give me the experience that I was able to travel to previous lives. With your help I have let go of major fears that were holding me back, and it was also unforgettable how you showed me the choices that I can make towards my goals in life. For me, the difference between the two paths were: one liberating, sunny, bright, and inviting; the other closed, lonely and hopeless. That is why I undertook a new job and I now getting positive feedback constantly. This feeling is the best!
Thank you very much! Even my sugar level balanced out naturally as a result of the therapy!



Before, I did not deal at all with things spiritual much; I went to my wife's advice to have therapies with Andrea. (Anxiety, panic attacks and stress). For me, it was shocking of how good my own visual ability is during guided visual meditations, clearly saw the pictures of meditation, which itself had a very calming effect on me. I went into previous lives during therapies and let go of several blocks. The fear of death has vanished, and my life has been freer and fulfilling. Last but not least could experience the love of Christ, which was unspeakably beautiful. I cannot put into words, you must feel it! The stress relief meditation is still a great help in my everyday life! Really, really thank you for everything!



I went to Andrea for therapies several times. She helped let go of many self-limiting beliefs, helped to overcome my fear and also to fully let go of them at the time, therefore I became more and more free, lighter and free of burdens. The therapies included reading of Tarot/Oracle cards that made this experience more colorful, and also gave huge reinforcements for me. I could glance into my previous lives and release of old patterns, this giving me an intense and wonderful experience in my heart for a lifetime to remember, and filling me up with spiritual sustenance that gives me strength. Thank you on behalf of my family for all the transformations and of the many great experiences and the useful discussions and practical advice. You are an angel. Think of you with love.  John, thank you also, for all your help with our family; with the energy scans and chakra balancing and 

intuitive readings you gave us and your continuous support, we are grateful.

Love: the Horvath Family


I had been to a lot of training before meeting Andrea, and I have tested different methods and techniques, but those only scratched the surface. For who would want to feel voluntarily and relive everything again, all that you did and wanted to forget? Well, you, who want to change; otherwise how would you know what should be changed?
 The miracle is you, yourself, so often hear this. But for me the miracle is the road itself, upon which I can get to really believe it. 
I thank Andrea that she has started me on this path of self-discovery and healing and she is here, holding my hand, still, when I need it. 

Marietta - Hungary


People do not even think that sometimes tiny, seemingly insignificant things can have a negative impact on our whole life!
That such a seemingly long-forgotten small incident has prevented my communication abilities for over 30 years is an understatement and I often got into an awkward position because of it, and for that lack of confidence. Andrea managed to pin down and catch this discomfort with EFT and regression and thanks to her expertise we have transformed this negative energy in one session that was also a 100% confirmed after the therapy with Angel Card reading.
Andrea is a brilliant hypnotherapist. I can only recommend her therapies to everyone!

Many thanks for everything!